Working together to help our friends in need since formation in 2018, Sunday Blessings has coordinated over 36,000 meals for  our un-homed community.

Hi, welcome! Thank you for wanting to know more about us.

Sunday Blessings Auckland is a grass-roots community group, utilising community surplus food and volunteers to feed up to 170 guests each Sunday evening at The Ellen Melville Centre, 2 Freyberg place, Auckland Central.

We operate next to Orange Sky New Zealand, who offer free washing and showering services for anyone who may benefit at both of our services.

In the beginning, we learned there were no 7 day a week evening meal services in Auckland, we refused to sit back and watch people in our city centre be forced to search through the rubbish bin for food. Our goal was then to work with and around other community groups we knew were out there to ensure there were meals being served 7 days a week in our city.

Please see 'Our Story' for a more detailed narrative of how we have evolved.


Our core values:

1. Food with Love -  Alleviating the social issue of food insecurity for anyone living in poverty, particularly our un-homed community.

2. Sustainability - Reduction of food waste and harmful gases by utilising excess food from local retailers and organisational events that would otherwise go to waste. Encouraging order within a grass roots organisation and more communication with other community groups to avoid cross over and waste. These efforts to balance heart driven community work with social enterprise business acumen makes our services more sustainable.

3. Peace - We aim to both peacefully bring together people from all living situations, ages, classes, ethnicities and more through the blessing of food, as well as encourage a more peaceful community overall. A person who would otherwise be hungry at night is happier with a stomach full of warm nutritious food received from a space of mutual respect without barriers. A kind hearted volunteer has peace and happiness when purposed with helping their community.

Through attending a meal as guest or working with Sunday Blessings as volunteer, one is attributing to a more peaceful Auckland community that we all belong to as one.

If you don't believe us just come down and see the happiness at our meals or ask a Glendowie primary school student what they get out of baking for our guests safely from their homes. 

Not only do we have primary aged students regularly working with us from home, we have adult community members of all ages, as well as an army of AUT Sunday Blessings students working constantly from back office administration to cooking, to volunteering their time outside of their studies to work front line.

Sunday Blessings truly is by the community, for the community, with a less talk and more do attitude working together sensibly to use what we have to make social impact.

Please follow us on social media and watch our stories to stay up to date with what we have on offer outside of our Sunday & Tuesday meals and get to know our volunteers and guests through our regular updates.

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