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Past and present team members


Jo & Blair

Meet Jo and Blair, two of our dedicated volunteers who have consistently given their time since Xmas to help us keep the Sunday Blessings and friends initiative going.

This husband and wife team cook up a storm every single week and provide us with a huge part of our mains dish, by cooking at home and then dropping it off for our fellow brothers and sisters to enjoy.

Thanks so much for your hard work team, we could not last without contributions like this, and we are very grateful to have you as part of the Sunday Blessings crew.

Jo has also given her time to Auckland City Mission during their breakfast shift, and she is a true value added to this world!

The LeGallais Family

The LeGallais Family - James, Mum and Matthew




The small in size but huge in heart Laurie, and co-creator and founding member of Sunday Blessings.

Laurie has been working very hard volunteering to serve the homeless and needy for 3 years.

Thank you for just being you Laurie!

The Wheelers

The Wheelers

The family with a passion for sustainability and with the help of Phoebe, Aaron and Ecoware helped us go green! We miss you team!

Phoebe and Jo.jpg

Jo and Phoebe

Meet Jo and Phoebe, two of our most committed members with a passion for our environment, and together with their partners are behind Sunday Blessings becoming a recycling, biodegradable and more earth conscious initiative.

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